Visual artists are the people responsible for every great painting that we see in a gallery. They are the people whom we do not usually recognize since there is a notion that their paintings seem to be quite more interesting than the painter. The faces of painters or artists are represented in the form of their finished canvases.


However, visual artists are more than just their canvass of paintings. Their paintings are just a mere reflection of how they feel and how they understand their world. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be inside their minds? Their creativity and imagination are admittedly wonderful and astonishing. Their hand gestures as they hold their brush onto their canvas and as they accurately apply every brush strokes makes me wonder what is inside their minds.

How do these visual artists or painters even conceptualize these kinds of unique work? Do these concepts and ideas just pop up out of their head from out of nowhere? Or does it easily give them the right path towards the journey of perfection in every imperfect creation?

Screenshot_49Many have tried to be as artistic and creative as possible but unfortunately, so many have failed to become a great and known artist. These prominent artists probably have a lot of concentration and focus on their work. Their talents are being harnessed in a unique way that only they could understand. The essential prerequisites in the world of arts need quite a lot of ingredient to have an outcome of paintings that would genuinely touch your heart just by looking at it. A painter needs plenty of sense and ambiance of tranquillity, peace, and serenity. Some artists even indulge in harmful vices such as heavy smoking, intake of illegal drugs or nicotine. But these are just based on a case to case basis.

But what if an artist suffers from an acute ailment? What if the painter badly gets a toothache? Does it still show the same result of artworks? Or does it just delay the working in progress status of the artwork?

A toothache is one of the humanity’s most punishing foes. Many would probably agree with this statement. Because who on earth would agree that toothaches can just be a little bit harsh and annoying? A toothache or dental problem has a very torturing effect to people. It gives you the pain in the ass while you work, while you think, or even when you are about to sleep. This gives you a discomfort feeling which makes you say that “From now on, I would really take care of my teeth, gums, or in short, with my dental health.” This is what we keep on saying at all times right after suffering from toothaches.


Screenshot_50Imagine how difficult it is when your tooth gives you a hard time. It is not just a crown that you wear every single day for the rest of your life. However, it is also one of the most taken for granted part of your body. We do not necessarily feel its importance unless the time will come that it will give you the pain that you thought would never exist. It is simple to brush our teeth every day, but it will never be good enough though.

We need to assess ourselves and ask over and over again, “How do we keep our teeth healthy?” How do we do that when at all times, we have a habit of eating tempting food with harmful substances for our oral care?

Screenshot_51This is the very reason why even artists are not excluded in the advocacy to have a regular check-up. Their bodies are just like what a normal person has.  In fact, they are the most prone to sickness due to the lack of physical activity. They are most of the time stuck in a room where they can contemplate really well while they are doing their artwork. Sometimes, they forget about themselves. They forget taking care of their own appearance and hygiene. These are applicable to everybody. However, they are one of the most over occupied people once they have started working. No one can stop them or even dare to bother them.

Artists are most commonly susceptible to having lung cancer and other diseases that dangers their internal organs. That is the logic behind why it is a necessity for them to consult a dental care clinic to easily detect if are there any acute or serious kinds of diseases affecting their body. Oral health can be very crucial because it is a reflection of how the entire body system works. It is one of the bases of how healthy or unhealthy the human body is. So keep in mind that having a regular check-up with a dentist is a must.















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