How to quit smoking

How to quit smoking

If you buy a couple of packets of cigarettes a day or your just a social smoker, the new year is the perfect time to kick the habit; while bulking up your bank balance after over spending on the Christmas period. This time of year we all make New Year resolutions and plan to change or lifestyle, it may not be easy but with the right support you can do it!

Ask yourself why?

Firstly you need to ask yourself why you want to quit smoking. Are you doing it for health reasons, your appearance or is it to save money. Or maybe it is all of the above…. If you know exactly why you are doing it, this makes it easier to stick to. Start by writing down your goals, whether you want to cut down or to go cold turkey and read it every day to stay focused.

Be prepared

You can’t go into this thinking it’s going to be easy as whether you are a heavy smoker or not, it can be tough to break the habit. Most people who quit smoking usually do so by stopping altogether and not just by cutting down.


Ask for support on your journey to quitting smoking. There are lots of resources out there to help you; your doctor, speak to family and friends and also HSE quit lines. If you hear the stories of others who have quite successfully it will help you to push on to kick the habit.

Your mood

It is normal while trying to quit; that you can become quite irritable and moody. You are making a huge change to your lifestyle so it is important to combat your mood. Good advice is to get at least eight hours sleep at night, make sure to eat well and get out in the fresh air. Try anything you can to change to balance how you are feeling.


You need to be mindful of triggers. Smoking can sometimes be linked to certain situations and times, such as having a cigarette first thing in the morning with your coffee. So maybe drink tea or juice instead to eliminate this feeling and you might resolve the situation of feeling or wanting this. One huge smoking trigger is having alcohol as for a smoker both of these go together. There can be a social aspect involved in going to the smoking area, so drinking alcohol will not help. You will need lots of support from family and friend to keep reminding you why you are trying to give up smoking. It will be hard and frustrating at the beginning, but stick with it. It would be an idea to have some nicotine gum in case you get the craving.

Quitting smoking can be very frustrating so do positive things such as taking up hobbies, exercising, saving the money you would spend on cigarettes daily or weekly. Always try to carry gum or sweets as a distraction when you are craving, and having one of these should take that away. It is not going to be easy at first but remember take one day at a time. Remember you can do it!

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